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Noel B. Leonard helps 18-Wheeler accident victims get the results they need to heal and move forward.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers commonly lead to serious injury or death. When drivers operate 18-wheelers negligently, they should be held accountable.

Driver negligence is often a major factor in these accidents, but it is not the sole reason they occur. Defective and faulty equipment, as well as hazardous materials and cargo on the actual trucks, have also been known to cause these accidents.

18-wheeler litigation can be very complex. That is why it is essential for 18-wheeler victims to seek legal assistance for their accident, which requires an attorney who is familiar with both state and federal law.

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If any of these federal regulations are violated, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the trucking company.

Noel B. Leonard has the experience necessary to determine whether such a violation occurred.

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As an accident attorney, Noel B. Leonard has the knowledge and experience to successfully litigate your claim. Noel and his firm will put all of their efforts into fighting for the compensation you deserve, to help you move forward after your injury.

Attorney Leonard has successfully represented clients in a wide range of 18-Wheeler accident claims, including:

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If you live in Baldwin and Mobile Counties in Alabama, or Escambia County, Florida and you or a loved one has been injured in a 18-Wheeler accident in these areas, contact accident attorney, Noel B. Leonard today.

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